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"Ceausescu's Fortune" web-site offers you and your company the chance to PROMOTE your site or business within it's pages!

Opened in september 98, the site has known a remarcable entry on the web-space. Visitors from all over the world are browsing its pages to find out about Ceausescu and his fortune. According to access logs, the site has an average audience of 220.000 visitors per month, and it keeps rising!

Promote your image by placing an advertisement banner (standard type: GIF 468x60 pixels, static or animated) on our web-site!
Banner locationCostDescription
Front page400 USD/monThe banner will appear on the front page and in the main sections as well.
Sections250 USD/monThe banner will be shown on the sections pages: Cars, Boats, Residences, Clothing
Objects Area55 USD/monThe banner appears on objects' pages such as residences, cars (eg. the Snagov Palace's page)
Pictures Area20 USD/monThe banner will show up only when the visitor selects the picture gallery
  • If you don't have your own banner, INES can design quality banners for your company at a cost of 15 USD/hour.
  • 15% discount applied to min. 3 months advertising contracts.
  • 40% discount applied to 6 months advertising contracts!

For orders or more questions please send email to :
AD.INFO@ines.ro, or call : (401) 232-2112
Contact person: Mr. Marius Deak


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