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    '75 Buick Electra 225
      Gift from Richard Nixon, president of the United States that time, the car is a luxury car with an impeccable finishing, complete details and electric equipements.

    '65 Dacia 1100
      This is the first car ever produced in Romania, which is why it has a memorial sign on the motor.

    '73 Mercedes
      This car is a special commanded by Ceausescu for his daughter, Zoe Ceausescu.

    '71 Volkswagen
      Ceausescu's hunting car. It was his first terrain car received specially for hunting. The car has gun-port facilities and many more...

    '74 Hilman
      Gift from Reza-Pahlavi, ex-sahinshah of IRAN for the Ceausescu's. It is an unique car.

    '84 Ellman Diesel Bus
      This bus is a special gift from the EEL-Man company; it is a unique presidential-use bus (with all accessories)


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